Susan's unemployed sabbatical is about to end.
Monday she will wake up with the alarm, put on nice clothes, fill her To-Go cup with coffee and drive to her NEW JOB!

Susan has a NEW JOB!

Susan is going to work for Acme Heaven Sent (working title only) because her NEW JOB was sent to her directly from Heaven.

The owner of the company for which Susan previously worked approached her about a new position, one so new no one has ever worked it before. Susan's NEW JOB will be to give people new jobs!

The first thing Susan has to do is re-establish a normal schedule by going to bed on time, something she has not done in seven months.

Wish her luck.


Susan Anderson said...

Good luck Susan! It sounds really exciting. I'm going back to work on Thursday after my eye op - I think I'm going to be exhausted after 5 weeks off. All the best, Scottish Susan x

Debra said...

Congratulations! Wishing you much luck!

Meg said...

Hooray for Susan. Make sure to pack a nice lunch for yourself every day!