Susan has been watching BBC and has learned a lick of slang:
Bob's your uncle = added at the end of a sentence, such as after some instructions, to mean there you have it, or that's it!
Bollocks = no good
Bugger all = you have nothing
A do = a party
Duffer = a useless person
Knob = penis
Owt = anything
Pillock = stupid person
Shite = shit
Summat = something
Tosser = jerk


Pix Under the Oaks said...

Thanks to the internet I have been lucky to meet several people over the pond and have learned some very fun words!

Anonymous said...

May I ask what shows you watch? I've been watching Call the Midwife.

Twisted Susan said...

This week it's been Last Tango in Halifax & The Great British Baking Show, perhaps Call The Midwife is next.