The other night Susan wanted to make some black bean brownies so she reached up to where she keeps her well used food processor & the lid fell on her head. Susan is not one to let such things occur without a crazy frustrated reaction, so she picked up the inanimate plastic object & flung it across the kitchen where it bounced around before she threw it a second time while cursing. And, when Susan curses you know the term m*therf*cker is in there somewhere.

She calmed down and dumped the ingredients into the processor's roomy 6 cup bowl; black beans, avocado, coconut oil, sugar, egg and cocoa powder but when she twisted the lid onto the bowl then snapped everything together and turned it on nothing happened. The lid has a little plastic piece which, when everything is locked into place, allows the pulse & chop buttons to work. However, when an insane home baker throws it around in a snit little plastic pieces can sometimes break off rendering the entire machine useless.

Over the next few days Susan tried with zero success to find a replacement lid for her discontinued Euro-Pro Quad Blade processor. Her regrettable behavior had ruined a perfectly good kitchen workhorse which, although handed down eight years earlier from her pal Sharon, still had a lot of life to live. Reluctantly Susan vowed to stop throwing small kitchen appliances in anger and ordered a new one.


Grace said...

I had a cover that broke, also. (I did not throw it; it just fell off the counter and broke off on the floor.) If you put a plastic knife in the slot, it will work. Although, sometimes the knife dislodges! I did that for awhile and then my daughter got me a kitchenaid, so no more food processor held together with a plastic knife. Give it a shot!

WARNING: Do not try this with anything other than a plastic knife (for obvious reasons)!

Twisted Susan said...

Thanks for the suggestion my longest held friend!
I ordered a lid from eBay for $25 and it's back to chopping like a sonofab*ch. That plus the $9 it cost in shipping charges to return the replacement is my stupidity tax.

Anonymous said...

Cough cough, ahem, something kinda similar might have happened to a 40 year old plastic bathroom stool. Just saying, it may not have appreciated being kicked.