Susan had a long Monday that started when she woke up & went to work leaving her weekend company to fend for herself with the two dogs, one of which is a killer of small furry things. Susan is happy to report that GP and Big Steve departed without incident and are free to return for another visit.

Susan did a bunch of things on Monday which put her in other people's homes and required a lot of driving. When she finally got back to her own home she just crashed on the couch & was too pooped to BLAHg. She'll hip you tomorrow when she has more brain power to make everything sound interesting, but here's a preview: Susan saw her daughter!

Oh, and Susan had a cut on her finger and it hurt all day. 

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Anonymous said...

Susan's weekend of activities left me feeling tired. I visited the in-laws over the weekend. Being on my best behaviour is exhausting!

While browsing a food blog, I saw a recipe that made me think of Susan. It's sensibly healthy-ish & looks easy:


I do look forward to November for Susan's daily blogging. I don't comment often but your writing is appreciated.