Susan was walking the dog this evening and turned when she heard the husband call her name.
Immediately she realized her mistake. She looked over at the person who had done the calling; he was the opposite of a big burly Irishman, and he definitely wasn't calling Susan. Still, she stood there soaking in the little split second in which everything was suspended and she was simply about to respond to her husband.

A few moments later she was on her way, up the walk toward the dog park. It was warm, there was still an hour or two left of sunlight and Lucy had been a real pain, barking and shoving her nose into Susan's arm, making her go for a walk.

When have you ever known Susan to do anything resembling walking the dog or even just put the words dog and park next to each other? Never that's when. Well, it's a whole new world for our gentle heroine. Susan has done what she's been threatening to do and moved herself down to North Carolina, the land of Christian radio and bugs. She's given up the cushy do-what-you-want privacy of her former house and now lives all by her lonesome in 1-C with her roommate Lucy the restricted breed dog.

Even though Susan has traded in square footage and a bit of privacy, she still likes where she landed. Unfortunately she's got a couple of things that she's trying to keep from driving her nuts, like the bugs and the neighbor who smokes on the patio all day every day, completely gassing Susan's little outdoor paradise. But, she has a three prong plan to combat that; imminent delivery of a standing fan dedicated for outdoor use combined with incense and bedtime prayers for the unseen neighbor to hurry up and die of cancer. Oh yeah, die. Susan's not gonna be nice about losing her inalienable right to breathe fresh air and pine trees.

Since Lucy no longer has a fenced in yard to roam, roll around in and poop throughout, Susan has to walk her. First thing in the morning the girls are up and out, Susan enjoys the early morning walk but after a while it's very boring to watch Lucy smell every browned patch, duck poop and lamp post base. And when another dog comes in to view they turn around and head the other way.

Anyway, that's enough for today. Susan doesn't want to strain herself with the first BLAHg post in three, um four months. She's missed BLAHg-ing and thought about it every day. The husband calling to her from beyond was just the prodding that she needed.

In the meantime she hopes everyone has a grand weekend.


Susan Anderson said...

Nice to see you back Susan!

Rowan Moore Seifred said...

I like it when the dead communicate even if the subsequent conversations are lacking.

Susan Ferguson said...

Thank you! I'm going to try to do better, bear with me.

Susan Ferguson said...

I agree, A for effort!

Unknown said...

Miss you Miss Susan! Your name popped up in my memories section today. Hope you are well.