Adorable Cousin Alex

Last night found the majority of Susan's girl cousins together to watch a movie which Aunt Eileen had chosen for the occasion, Anatomy of A Murder
(Susan's review; it was long).
What a delightful surprise to find Cousin Alex home from college with her new short hair-do and smarty pants attitude.

Susan is a big fan of Cousin Alex because she is a creative, independent thinking young woman who sez things like 'I love to be in France for Bastille Day' as serious as death.
She is also adorably diminutive and when the conversation looped around to weight (a popular topic among this demographic) she said
'I never weigh myself. I don't understand why anyone would ever weigh themselves.'
Tre cute!

The movie was about to begin and Cousin Alex inquired, in an agitated manner, as to whether everyone was planning to talk through it. Susan and her little sister indicated that Cousin Alex could leave right then if this might be a problem. However, she did not take the bait and stuck it out, like everyone else, to the bitter end.

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