Apparently Susan's Nieces Were Right

Susan's little sister has a hot tub in which Susan has often found herself a guest. Little sister's hot tub is tucked away for privacy and open to the stars. And sometimes the rain or snow, which only adds to the wonderfulness of the experience. Susan has no need for vacations or chiropractors or psychiatrists when she can soak her bum and sip a glass of wine while she and little sister discuss life's events. Plus, Susan has no money for such extravagances.

A while back Susan's nieces K8 and Liz joined their mother and favorite aunt for a relaxing soak. The conversation soared and swirled over many topics, as it usually does, before pit-stopping at who reminds them of Aunt Sue.

All four have been enthusiastic fans of Project Runway and therefore very familiar with the associated hosts, judges & personalities. Susan was startled to learn that everyone (but she) overwhelmingly agreed that Tim Gunn reminded them of Susan.

Tim Gunn is a gay man, while Susan is nothing of the sort.

The conversation revealed opinions of warmth and respect for Tim Gunn, the alter-Susan. Very shortly she found herself not minding the comparison at all. In fact, Susan was quite happy to linked with a well regarded man of style and wit with a good vocabulary.

Tim Gunn, indeed.

Most recently, while Susan and her fellow jurors were spending time not talking about the thing which brought them all together, Susan remarked about the comparison to Tim Gunn. Immediately, almost in unison, three or four of the jurors exclaimed 'Yes, we can see that!'

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Theresa said...

Chnoic is a big Projrun fan ,me not so much but I did see a commercial last night in which Tim Gunn advertised for Tide(which gives me a hellacious rash).Short story -I like Tim Gunn and has dramatic gestures and all around fussy sweetness.