Susan Contemplates Her Unemployment

Lately Susan's unemployed ass could be found winding electrical tape around the pieces of her life hoping they'd hold together for one more day.

That notwithstanding, she has enjoyed large parts of her exile from the working world.

She spent the summer with her kids, then relished the solitude when they went back to school.
She liked the relaxed pace of not having to be anywhere.
It didn't matter if she ran out of clean clothes.
There was always time for whatever she wanted to do, as long as it didn't cost anything.

She learned how to cook curries and make chutney. She figured out she could replicate ricotta with tofu, lemon juice and dried oregano. She had an affair with blue cheese.

Susan had a couple of melt-downs; like when the COBRA benefits were cancelled or when her food budget could not accommodate paper towels.

Susan has been led to believe she'll be offered a job shortly. One with responsibilities and benefits and people to talk to. With a decent salary. A job Susan anticipates she'll actually like.

Susan celebrated this possibility with a $130 pair of pants.

Simmer down, she used a gift card.

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