Susan Has Spots on her Brain

Thanks to Dr. Goodman's IV Ativan, Susan took a calm trip into a very narrow tube one Friday morning not too long ago.
The nice ladies in scrubs talked to Susan in soothing voices and asked if she was ready to 'begin'. Susan didn't feel as though she was ready to begin, but the taller of the nice ladies said 'You should be ready, your numbers are down', so Susan agreed.
Susan closed her eyes and went headfirst into the narrow tube.
There was much clanging and banging which Susan thought sounded like music. It was very rhythmic and loud, not unlike listening to The Clash in the car. Susan likes The Clash. So she liked the clanging and banging, it gave her something to think of.

Susan was aware that she could freak out if she wanted, but she didn't want to.
When she was done, Susan went home.

MRI of the BRAIN without CONTRAST.
HISTORY: Paresthesias
There is no evidence of restricted effusion or acute infarction. There is mild prominence of the cortical sulci. There is evidence of scattered white matter changes identified bilaterally involving the left greater than right periventricular white matter. The possibility of demyelination cannot be excluded based on the somewhat round shape and long asix perpendicular to the ventricles. No obvious involvement is identified within the corpus callosum or the brain stem. Again, these white matter changes are nonspecific and again are noted to be unilateral.

IMPRESSION: Unilateral left supraventricular and periventricular white matter changes. Demyelinatin cannot be excluded based on their orientation to the long axis of the lateral ventricles. Again, no acute infarction. No mass.

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Theresa said...

Did you tell the jury folks that you have spots on your brain? Do you think you can think clearly enough to participate in your public duty properly?