How Many F*cking POTATOES Does One House Need Anyway?

Susan's family are a bunch of POTATO eaters. Every once in a while the POTATOES get eaten all up & must be replaced. This is exactly what happened just a few days ago; no POTATOES.

Susan picked up a 5 lb bag of RED POTATOES at the market easily enough. However, she asked the husband to bring home some SWEET POTATOES because she's on an obsessive curry making tear & wanted to incorporate them into a red curry she's working on. They're also higher in certain vitamins than REGULAR POTATOES and good to eat at any time with anything.

The environmentally devastating plastic bags from the market sat on her kitchen table till the next morning when Susan got an opportunity to put the contents away.

One bag held seven big WHITE POTATOES hand picked by the husband. The other bag held a 5 lb bag of RED POTATOES, exactly like the one she had purchased & put away in plain sight a few days earlier. Susan questioned The Husband in order to ascertain whether he understood her request or just couldn't bloody see that these POTATOES were white and not orange. It was the latter. He threw the bag of RED POTATOES in for good measure because you can never have too many F*CKING POTATOES in one house, you know.

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