Susan And Grace Meet At The Movies

Susan's childhood friend Grace invited Susan to be her guest at the movies. Susan and Grace are in the habit of going to the movies when one of them has some extra money. They even have a favorite movie theatre and like to take advantage of unadvertised savings when they pay for one movie then sneak into a second. Needless to say anyone who would do something as ethically murky as this would probably also smuggle in their own snacks and alcohol.
However, on this particular outing Susan and Grace were living large and wished to purchase a cappuccino & some biscotti to enjoy during the second movie. Unfortunately, and to their absolute horror, there was no milk available for the cappuccino. Grace, always the better student, spied a can of whipped cream and instructed the server to use the the contents in lieu of steamed milk. The childhood friends looked on as each cup was completely filled with whipped cream. They waited while the coffee brewed. And, as if seeing the Gates of Heaven, they watched the coffee being poured over the whipped cream before being delivered unto their trembling hands.
Let it be known far and wide, that from this day forward Susan and Grace very much prefer to drink their coffee from a cup filled with whipped cream.

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valti232 said...

So....what movie(s) did you see? Can we get a review?