Susan Likes Jury Duty

Susan is currently seated on a jury somewhere within the democratic society in which she is privileged to live, but she can't talk about it.

What she can say is that the right side of the judge's face twitches when he gets angry, that nobody in court looks anywhere but straight ahead or at the lawyers and court room lighting makes even the pretty court stenographer look bad.

Additionally, Susan has picked up a few tips for anyone who may find themselves in the witness box;
Confine all answers to either yes or no unless instructed to describe something.
Do not make clucking noises into the microphone during a sidebar.
Do not yawn into the microphone at any time.
Do not incorporate personal comments about the absurdity of the question into your answer.
Do not start a conversation with anyone in the viewing gallery.
And, if the judge threatens you with contempt of court, believe him.

Susan likes her fellow jurors. Mostly. She even baked for them last week. However, Susan's Little Sister has said that you don't know how stoopid people can be until you have to deliberate with them. This comment was based on Little Sister's personal experience and not jealousy because Susan is seated on an interesting case or because Susan likes joking with the officers who make her empty her pockets & x-ray her bag or because Susan holds the next twenty five years to life of another human being in her hands.
More on this as it develops.
Rather, after it concludes.

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