Getting Ready For Menstruation

Susan has a deliciously sweet and delightful daughter, sometimes known as The Crybaby, who is going to get ambushed with a talk about menstruation.

Susan took a run at this topic already & was met with a profound lack of enthusiasm. It's as if the daughter unplugged herself. All interaction stopped, the eyes dimmed, the body slumped slightly and then she started to drool. But, once the subject was changed she became reanimated; lights back on, motor humming, all functions restored.

Susan's own mother left her under-prepared for maturity.
A few pamphlets about menstruation were flung at her, then nothing else ever again.
No conversation about tampons, birth control, sex. Nothing. The End. Thanks for coming!
That's why Susan stayed a virgin till after menopause,
she didn't know what to do.
There was also a period of time when Susan thought she had to remover her tampon to pee.
How sad.

Anyway, Susan does not fear the embarrassing talk with her daughter. Susan does research. She confers with social workers. She makes an outline.
She knows that brevity is essential.
And a relaxed attitude.

Everything's good, it's only menstruation.
It's natural.
And beautiful.
Oy. Susan's already shovelling the propaganda.


Dawn in Austin said...

I can't even remember having that talk with the Girl. It must not have been too bad, because she still likes me.

BOSSY said...

Bossy will see your shovel and raise you a backhoe.

Anonymous said...

OMG! My daughter is just 7, but I am seriously dreading this conversation. You should take notes, or better yet video tape, so the rest of us have a guide to go by!

My mother didn't give me nearly enough information either. So, I am probably predestined to give my PunkinGirl way too much information. She'll be scarred for life and never speak to me again.