Susan Worked On Saturday

Say what?
She fell down and hit her head and said 'I'll work Saturday'
It was purely a one-time only, freak episode,
never to be repeated.

She wasn't even aware it was Saturday while she was at work. It was just another day until she got home
and then where the bloody hell did her Saturday go?
Everything got all lopsided; up was down, black was white,
left was right and Friday toppled over on to Sunday.

Susan doesn't work on Saturdays, she gets up when she wants because her alarm isn't even set. She enjoys a leisurely cup of coffee with the husband and reads the paper and goes to yard sales with her daughter then stops at the library before making pizza rolls for a bunch of her son's friends or cleaning up her yard or sitting in the sunshine or going to her little sister's house for dinner.

That's what Susan does on Saturdays, not drive to work under the ridiculous and fallacious idea that Saturday is just like any other day.

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