What Susan Likes About Her Town

Her NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS because they're everything that good neighbors should be.

ST. PATRICK'S DAY is celebrated with an enthusiastic parade and subsequently much green spray painted hair.

The HEALTH FOOD STORE because it smells like a health food store and sells candied ginger and all manner of exotic supplies and never costs Susan a lot money.

The LIBRARY because even though Susan still hasn't figgered out how to effectively use the computer system & rarely finds what she wants, she always walks out happy. The library personnel are helpful and nice and never once has Susan needed to reach across the counter & grab anyone by their throats. Most delightfully, there are frequent used book sales and a magazine recycling bin which Susan finds very exciting to poke through.

The SCHOOLS because Susan's children come home smarter than when they left.

The big neon ROCKY POINT DISCOUNT TIRES sign because it's very pretty and the colors alternate except for when it's not working, like lately.

TREES. There's loads of them, who knew Susan would become so smitten with trees? And when they fall over onto cars or fences they get to live a little longer as firewood.

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