Blessed? Shut Up.

Blessed is the word that bugs Susan the most and unless Jesus is speaking she doesn't want to hear it.
Other things that bug her are;
modern baby names
the bagels in her neighborhood
TV news
when she breaks a tooth
the price of the NY Times
being interrupted
Drew Barrymore
wet laundry left in the machine long enough to be washed again
the bastardized American version of any foreign movie
political pontification
small dogs in shopping carts
Frank McCourt's books

To be continued...


Cupcake Murphy said...

I loathe Frank McCourt's books. I think there is a fine for that though so be careful.

Anonymous said...

Blessed makes me want to slap some people!
Being interrupted seems to have that same effect.
The wet laundry thing has actually resulted in a slap in the past.
Bastardizing foreign movies isn't the only one, also bastardizing british tv shows!

I might just be slap-happy though.