Susan loves sangria.
She makes it exclusively with cheap red wine and whatever fruit she happens to have on the kitchen counter, except bananas.
She adds plenty of orange juice.
Her little sister prefers to use orange soda.
Lately Susan has been adding some homemade limoncello, which is essentially pure alcohol infused with lemon peels, and simple syrup. It adds a wonderful tarty sweetness. However, Susan's little sister commented that it made the sangria too strong. So, in went more orange juice.
Susan has a bottle of Portuguese firewater
which is totally undrinkable and when added to sangria,
it makes that undrinkable too.


Dawn in Austin said...

I love sangria, too! I have an awesome recipe for white sangria. Perfect for these warm, okay not warm- blasted hot Texas summer days. I'm invited to block parties, but only if I bring a pitcher.

Mostly Green Mama said...

Damn, that sounds good! I think I am going to try that and maybe use one of my favorite drinks San pelligrino aranciata. have you ever used that?