In The Dressing Room

Susan's daughter has been requesting new clothes for weeks. The weather is getting warmer and the kid is still wearing her winter clothes. Plus she's growing out of them. Last week, in an effort to buy a little time, Susan cut off some sleeves and turned a pair of jeans into capris, making nice hems and everything.
Eventually Susan could put her daughter off no longer and took her shopping after dinner.

Susan likes to shop with her daughter because she's a good kid, doesn't beg or act bratty, and is generally a pleasure to be around. Do you know why that is?
Because that's how Susan raised her.

Susan's daughter was extra modest in the dressing room trying to conceal the teeniest little beginnings of breasts. Susan is sure they weren't there last week.
Susan waited until the end of the evening to mention her observation. She took her daughter over to the juvenile underwear aisle looking for a 30A brassiere with just a whisper of padding.
The daughter was not happy but went along because Susan's will was too strong to resist.
Plus the daughter was tired.
Two brassieres were tried on as if they were made of sandpaper. However, when Susan asked if she could purchase one 'just in case you want to wear it later'
her daughter replied 'I don't know', which meant yes.

Susan bought her daughter her first brassiere and used the short drive home to discuss close mommy-daughter things even though her daughter's participation was minimal.


Anonymous said...

Oh Susan! Makes me tear up :) I love that you made that step and spoke to her, even though it was hard and she tried not to participate.

My own wee girl is only 7, but I know those days are coming and I practice little talks in my head when I lay in bed at night unable to fall asleep.

That is just so swet and I am so thrilled that you have crossed this milestone. I will remember you and your bravery in the face of resistance when my turn comes!


Dawn in Austin said...

Awww, I remember that day, too, when I bought my daughter her first bra. It was only a size smaller than my own. *sniff* And then she continued to grow and grow. Brat.

Anyway, I remember what my mother told me when she bought my first bra, "A lady never goes braless". It stuck with me and I shared with my daughter. I'm proud to say she is still a lady.

Cutie Judy said...

My daughters both wore sport bra type bras starting in about 2nd grade. My youngest (25) is a now a Victoria Secret addict!

That stuff is expensive! good thing I don't have to buy it anymore!