I Feel Badly

Susan has noticed that people say 'I feel badly' all the time, even smart people with good jobs. Jobs on TV.

When someone says that they feel badly, what they're really saying is that their mechanism for feeling has been compromised.
They're bad at feeling.
Sorry man, can't feel. I don't know, it's just bad.

These people might think that badly sounds smarter than plain old bad. If so, then Susan feels bad for them.

Strunk & White's 'Elements of Style' advises us not to 'dress words up by addling -ly to them, as though putting a hat on a horse.'
Susan agrees.

Susan would like to help steer people from using badly in an improper manner by asking them to consider that if one can feel badly can one also feel goodly?


Cupcake Murphy said...

I feel betterly. See? Wrong.

Dawn in Austin said...

I feel smarterly already.