Family Fun

Susan and her little sister have a brother named Wild Bill
and Wild Bill has a daughter.
Two days ago Wild Bill and his daughter drove from
Dueling Banjos, N.C. to Suburban Civilization, N.Y.
for an open-ended visit.

Wild Bill is a true middle child who remains faithful to many of the behaviors and activities he enjoyed growing up.
This makes for some lively debate between his sisters in his absence.
But, for a brief period all the siblings and parents were together to make fun of each other and eat Chinese food. Then the parents went home because they like to leave as much as they like to visit.

Susan's going to miss having this conversation with her mother;
'Your coffee is too strong, Susan.'
'No, it's not.'
As much as she'll miss having this one with her father;
'You want some coffee, Pop?'
'Yes, please.'

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