Susan Eats Guacamole

When Susan was growing up people in her neighborhood didn't eat anything exotic like guacamole. She was probably in her thirties before she even knew what it was made out of. But, now one of the perks of summer is mixing together avocado and cilantro and tomatoes and garlic and lime juice and salt and cumin.
Did she forget anything?
She doesn't add onion, but wouldn't discriminate if someone put some in there & gave it to her to eat.
A year or two ago she'd smash up an avocado, add a packet of store bought spices and call it a day.
But, now she knows better. And she likes it chunky, not whipped like her little sister made it that one time.
Today Susan made some guacamole then ate more than her share. During the course of the afternoon her stomach expanded so much that she had to change into her stretchy pants.

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Dawn in Austin said...

Thank God for stretchy pants!

Right now, I'm addicted to almonds. I don't know why. I never liked almonds before. And I eat so many, that I too, have to put on stretchy pants.