Susan's had the same Netflix movie sitting up on top of her television set for a ridiculously long time. She took it with her when she went here and that was months ago!
She has no clear recollection of what movie it is although she's sure it was an interesting choice.

Susan's had a pile of neatly folded clothing sitting on top of the dryer since last summer when she thought it might be a good idea to sell them on eBay. Susan doesn't understand how she's lived for such a long time without being able to use that space for the storage of any number of other things, like her current laundry.

Susan keeps piles of reading material at the ready just in case she finds herself with any time at all to read.
She's fond of keeping her favorite sections of the NY Times folded in quarters for upwards of two months or longer, until she gets around to them.

It's almost summer but Susan hasn't removed her winter coats from the hall closet yet. Neither has she gotten rid of the large plastic bin which holds gloves, ear muffs and woolly winter scarves. All she has to do is make one of her kids carry everything downstairs where there's adequate room for off-season storage.

In Susan's defense she has;
switched her winter/summer clothes and footwear
recycled a ton of magazines/newspapers
reorganized two closets
and generally managed to keep her house stocked with food & toilet paper


Dawn in Austin said...

I used to have that same problem with the winter/summer paraphenalia. My answer? Move where there is no winter! Like Texas. Or Abu Dhabi! Ta-da! All the storge space is used for sandals and sundresses.


Susan's personality does not improve with the heat.
Ask anyone who lives with her.

Cutie Judy said...

I was just looking at my 2down vests on the Coat Rack!

I am however right
on top of the laundry........although I am sick to death of washing the same things over and over......

dgm said...

I have receipts from two years ago I still need to enter into Quicken.