Grrrrrrr !

Susan hates it when she bangs her shin into the hard plastic container in which she stores the elderly, deaf, flatulent dog's food. Particularly when she kicks it out of frustration and knocks everything all over the floor and onto the piles of laundry she's been throwing into the machine all night.
And, why is the husband in the room asking what she's doing as she's flinging dirty clothes and dog food all over the place?
He's obviously there to make her scream at him to
leave her alone and she'll take care of it, a few times,
and bang sh*t before stomping off to drag the wet/dry vac up the stairs from the basement.
She hates all of it, including catching the kids in the crossfire by yelling at them to clean their room
and go to bed
and vacuum the house
and brush their teeth.
The last thing she hates is the sore throat she gets when she's done.


Anonymous said...

some days it is just every thing all at once. *hugs*

Dawn in Austin said...

I have SO had days like that. You are not alone!

Cupcake Murphy said...

Sometimes, when I attempt to pour the coffee from the gigantic, unruly container into the smaller, daily-usage container and it spills everywhere all over the kitchen and in my hair and up my nose and down the street I want to walk in to the living room and say to my husband "We need to move." Thank you for your diatribe. It made me feel kind of better.