Guess Who

Susan and her husband enjoyed an evening out at the home of one of her co-workers. They had fun talking and eating and drinking Polish beer.
Eventually they returned home to find an idling van partially blocking their drive way.
The husband tapped the horn.
The van moved up a bit.
The passenger door swung open and a leg came out, followed by another leg.
Shortly an entire disheveled female body came tumbling out backwards. Susan immediately became aware of a bit of extra flesh as the Disheveled Tumbler's skirt had ridden down far enough to expose some ass cleavage.
Can you guess whose ass Susan was looking at?
Sure you can.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! The drunks were at it again. You didn't see any errant tattoos I hope?

PS. Sorry about the stinky b-day. Hope this week is better.

Dawn in Austin said...

I wondered if it was your drunk neighbors. What an interesting neighborhood! :) It's rather dull here in Abu Dhabi, if there are any marital arguments next door, I can't understand what they're saying anyway. Plus, even when people are talking normally, it sounds like they're yelling at each other.