Saturday Night

Susan's birthday is imminent.
She's wanted nothing more in the way of celebration than to sit in a movie theatre with the husband's arm draped over her shoulder on a Saturday night.
Simple enough.
However, over the 13.4 years that they've been raising children it has been almost impossible to
(a) find a movie worth seeing and
(b) get out of the house to see it.
History has revealed that Susan will most likely detest what she watches but she has chosen to live in hope.

Susan had no argument with the price of the tickets.
Why bother? She may as well argue about the price of everything in the world. But Susan had a tremendous TWISTED response to the foul assortment of television commercials she was exposed to before the movie began.
Television commercials at the movies, Mary, mother of God!

Susan has taught her children that commercials are packaged lies used to manipulate money from hardworking people. She makes this point at every available opportunity drilling it into their soft, impressionable brains.

Susan complained bitterly and without restraint to the husband as each deplorable and unimaginative commercial assaulted her. In the past Susan has boo-ed the movie screen at the first whiff of a commercial, only to be boo-ed back by an audience of brainless zombies. She hopes they're happy to have gotten what they wanted.

Oh, she liked the movie.


Am I doing okay? said...

I guess it's safe to say Susan doesn't work in advertising? What movie did you see? I saw The Hangover on Friday. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what you saw that was worth the effort. I have a really tough time choosing movies to pay to see.

I, too, am a big hater of all the commercials at theaters now. Makes me angry to have tosit through them. I tried showing up late in order to miss them, but then had terrible seats. So I have to suffer the stupid mind-numbing commercials of doom. I wonder if a petion could make any difference...