A Lifetime of Stubble, Enjoy.

For weeks and weeks Susan's sweet little crybaby of a daughter had been requesting to shave her legs.
Each time she did Susan stuck one of her own legs up under her daughter's nose and screetched 'This is what they'll feel like if you shave them!'
The very popular 'I don't care!' was offered back.
Followed by, 'All the girls in my class shave them.'
Susan knew her days in control were numbered.

She reviewed the situation;
Shaving was inevitable. How long did she really think she could put her daughter off with summer just around the corner?
Susan is very sedentary, did she have the energy for a battle over leg hair?
Oy. Susan was talking herself into it.

The daughter had been wearing her brassiere.
Susan noticed but said nothing.
The daughter knew that Susan knew.
And Susan knew that the daughter knew she knew.
They had sort of an unspoken understanding and this is what ultimately tipped the leg-shaving scale in the daughter's direction.

Susan's daughter was on her way to the shower. Susan stopped her and handed over a well worn down razor. Susan retrieved her Trader Joe's Honey Mango shaving cream and handed that over too. Then she went off to sob into a load of laundry.


Cutie Judy said...

Awww, tell Susan not too worry!

Also tell Susan's daughter that Schick's Intuition Razor is easy to use, hard to cut your leg and has cream and blade in one!

Good Luck


Anonymous said...

I always cut myself! i am glad my girl still has a few years before I face this day.

I am terrified that my next scary childhood milestone is going to be the teenager wanting to own condoms. *shudder*

dgm said...

Awww. I invited my girl to shave her legs but she was all wide-eyed and "nooooooooo!"

True factoid: I only ever get about three to six hairs on each of my shins and they are well-dispersed, so I shave about every 4-6 months. Depending of if there's a special occasion.