Susan's Blog List

Is everyone checking out Susan's Blog List up there to the right? She hopes so because her blogging sisters need readers. And, who knows, maybe you'll fall in love a little, the way Susan has.

This one is sort of an exception, but it's written by the meanest girl in eleventh grade and Susan insists that you read it.

i am bossy kept Susan company during the last few months of her unemployment and hipped her to a whole new universe from the dining room table. Thanks, Bossy!

Dawn In Austin was next. Currently she's on her way to Greece via Abu Dhabi with the husband.

Cupcake Murphy, Vanessa and Sunny Side Up all have a big fan in Susan.

Best of Craigslist has a deceptive format which only makes it funnier.

Isle Dance is all ballsy adventurousness and led Susan to Veggie Wedgie.

Lost and Found in India is Susan's next reading project.

finslippy is brand new for Susan and bloody hilarious.

Mrs. G is an entire sisterhood rolled into one feminist hallucination.

And lastly, Susan would like to leave you with Sevedra and Stephanie.
Kisses, ladies!


dgm said...

Aw, Twisted Susan, I had no idea you felt that way! [blushing] Thanks, dear one!

My word verification word is: proper. That's, like, a real word.

Dawn in Austin said...

Thanks Susan! I LOVE Best of Craigslist! I save it up for rainy days to sit, read and crack up. I wish I wrote as good as some of those people.

Anonymous said...

I love finslippy and go fug yourself and bossy! I am so priviledged to be included in a blog list. Thank you for mentioning me. I am going to have to check out that graigslist thing. I have heard good stuff about it.