22 Things Susan Likes About The Husband

Susan's husband had a birthday the other day, and even though it ended in a zero Susan didn't feel compelled to do anything about it other than make him coffee in the morning and submit to a personal request later on.

Susan isn't much for ceremony, she doesn't require it for herself and she doesn't provide it for others. She's not running out to spend four dollars on a card at the store, so don't wait for one. And, if you've told her more than every single time that you don't like the gift she's chosen for you, she's not giving you any more.

But, after so many years manacled together in wedded bliss, and even though she's got to force him to sit down and read her BLAHg, he still makes her happy.
Here's some reasons why;

  • He makes fantastic meatballs
  • Describing the birth of his son he said 'I never knew how exhausting it was to yell at someone for four hours'
  • He sings
  • He is very adept at winning arguments, but takes it easy on Susan
  • He runs around in the yard with the kids
  • He can be counted on to complete any disagreeable task
  • He tells funny stories from his youth about neighborhood brawling
  • He apologizes by saying 'I've decided to forgive you'
  • He cracks Susan's toes
  • He doesn't build himself up by making others feel small
  • If he doesn't know something, he knows a guy who knows
  • He ingores Susan when she gets all TWISTED and acts like a baby
  • He doesn't worry about things he can't control
  • He makes Susan's coffee exactly the way she likes it
  • He can Lindy
  • He liked the same moody 1975 album that Susan did
  • He thinks Susan is funny
  • He ordered a bushel of clams and didn't know what to do with them so he called up his friend George for suggestions & ended up making fantastic garlicy, steamed clams for Susan's birthday
  • He's impressive with a yo-yo
  • He sez that being mad at Susan is like being mad at a puppy
  • He turns Susan's compost heap every week
  • He raised two smart, independent, caring & wonderful girls before he was married to Susan that have always been terrific big sisters.


Cupcake Murphy said...

Men Who Crack Toes are an asset in life.

Deidre said...

And by Lindy..do you mean Hop? because that's hot.

Dawn in Austin said...

I like a man that can dance! Mine can't, but he thinks he can. Not.the.same.thing.

You were so right about the birthday/reunion thing! LOL But mine had jet lag so I got out of it.

Patti said...

Lucky! (I said that like Napolean Dynamite)

Anonymous said...

I love that you made this list. I am thrilled that you have a wonderful man in your life!