Day twenty three and Susan is shot;
she's tired, short on time, unhappy at work and her dog has stopped all meaningful interaction.

Susan's parents arrived late in the evening to begin a week of sleeping in her basement, she tried to recruit them into taking the dog to the killers, but they were having none of it.

Susan anticipates she'll be doing alot of anxiety related baking and she started with cranberry orange bread.


Anonymous said...


I feel your pain on the doggie front, we just had to put our 15 yr old Doxie down last week and then 3 days later we had to return w/ our 10 yr old rescue Doxie.

I know she died of a broken heart.

I also know it pains us humans to see them suffer so, but sometimes it is the last best thing we can do for them.

My heart breaks for you....


My condolences Beechie, losing one is rotten enough.