Susan and her daughter shared a bar of dark chocolate laced with chili and now that's all that either of them can think about. The chili provided no flavor, only a wonderful sensation of heat in the back of the throat which crept slowly across the tongue until the entire mouth was jumping up and down.
Susan wasted no time in recreating this treat at home in the form of a brownie. Brownies are Susan's go-to dessert, she buys ten boxes of mix at a time whenever they're on sale. She's eaten brownies made from scratch but she doesn't like the texture and they give her indigestion. She's always looking to substitute a portion of the oil with a healthier lubricant like applesauce or black beans, she's not always successful. Today she added 1.25 teaspoons of cayenne pepper into the mix and reduced the oil in half by substituting a 1/4 cup of pumpkin.
The pumpkin cayenne brownies were perfection.
Just enough heat and the pumpkin made them more cake-like than dense.
They're on the Thanksgiving menu.


Dawn in Austin said...

Sounds wonderful. I never thought to put pepper in the brownies.

Since you like chocolate, stay tuned because Dawn in Austin will be having a great giveaway when she returns from Abu Dhabi.

patti said...

I always put a teaspoon of cocoa powder in the chili.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about homemade Cream Cheese Brownies?
And NO I am not speaking of the dried out crap they sell at bakeries!