On day four Susan got her hair cut.
She likes to keep it short, lesbian short. Susan's former therapist said that she made herself a visual target,
why can't Susan just like her hair short?

She goes to a neighborhood place where Kitty cuts her hair for twelve dollars. They each have a boy in the same grade and a girl in the same grade, so they compare disciplinary strategies. Susan and Kitty agree that jumping up & down and screaming is essential for the relaxing after-effect it has on the screamer. It's not so good as a motivational tool.

Susan used to go to a friend's salon and pay forty dollars for the haircut, forty for the color and ten dollars to the girl who washed her hair. But that was one job & a recession ago, now Susan buys a box of L'Oreal #6R and likes the color better.

Periodically Susan gets the impression that some may think her hairstyle too short, but that's alright. Susan's almost fifty (well, next year) and doesn't mind when someone isn't in love with her hair as long as they keep it to themselves.

Can't wait till day five, eh?


patti said...

I keep my hair short, too. But I gave up the color. Now it's sparkly and silver.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I still spend my hard earned money going to a salon. A REALLY BAD perm in my twenties where I ended up looking like a homeless standard poodle left me traumatized for life.

Deidre said...

people are so judgemental about hair...You keep rockin' your 'do!

Anonymous said...

HAHA Cupcake Mommy!

I am so happy Susan likes her hair short, so do I. And I am not a Lesbien either.

I go to Lemon Tree for 14 bucks, but that hair salon nazi lady would have a field day in there!!!

And The Yankees suck.........thank you for letting me write that!