Susan enjoyed writing a post a day for a month, she totally didn't think she had it in her and suprised herself with the results. Unfortunately, the time it took to write them each day came directly from her personal marital budget, a point made once or twice by the husband. She appreciates his support and will make it up to him in December. Goodbye, NaBloPoMo.


Anonymous said...


even if you don't do it ever again, and even if it came at a cost that is too dear to pay again, you set yourself a goal and you accomplished it. And really, that is what it is all about. Right?

Anonymous said...

Susan, bravo to completing NaBloPoMo! I enjoyed every twisted minute.

Rural Rambler said...

Please tell Susan's husband that I appreciated his support too because I LovedComingHereEveryday. I was sad because I thought NaBloPoMo had exhausted Susan because I saw no new posts. Turns out my dang blog roll is not updating. So I ramble here today and I see a new post and I am smiling this morning. Congratulations to Susan for a post everyday!