Susan still thinks she sees her previously alive dog in the house. She walks into the livingroom and habit makes her look to the spot where the dog used to lie. A chenille blanket bunched up in a corner of the couch tricks her for a second. She still closes the bathroom door to keep the dog from drinking out of the toilet and maneuvers around the large plastic bin holding her food in the laundry room. The husband reports to hear the dog walking through the house in the morning. Mercifully, no one smells the dog.

Susan's not a grief purist & didn't think she needed to wait an appropriate amount of time before she allowed another dog into the house. She views the situation more simply; her family needs a dog and they found a dog who needs to live somewhere other than a cage. It's like a Hallmark card, one that bites.


Dawn in Austin said...

Susan! So glad you made it through NoPoBloMe or whatever it's called. You did a fine job. It's just taking me a while to catch up. I swear, I went through 3 weeks of snail mail in 5 minutes, but catching up on my favorite blogs will take me two days!

So you have another dog? Name? breed? flatulent?

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying, our house is so quiet and it's freaking me out!
Let me know how it goes when there is a new dog thats nothing like the old dog.
When do you pick her up?