All week long Susan and her kids counted off the days until they could bring their new used dog home from the animal shelter. Susan cleared her normally empty schedule and resisted the urge to personally tell everyone she knew that she was getting a dog because she knows how boring it is when she has to listen to other people talk about their dogs.

Like a prospective boyfriend she imagined them cuddling on the couch, going for walks, sharing secrets and just generally being in love.

She also wondered if it was a mistake to hastily choose just any dog the first time they went out. I mean, they only spent like ten minutes with the dog, how is that any way to pick a companion for the next ten years? OMG, and the dog is part pit bull, Susan's family doesn't even like pit bulls for crap sake. What has she done? She wants her sweet boxer back, not this rabid mongrel that she got from the pound. There's probably a good reason why it was there in the first place and now Susan's going to bring it into her house, give it a cute girly name and pray it doesn't kill anyone. OMG, and what if it chews her table legs or shreds her couches or digs up her yard?
Susan doesn't feel good.

Anyway, the dog wasn't spayed this week so she won't be ready for the family to pick up until Tuesday. Drats.


Cupcake Murphy said...

You can't explain away love at first sight.

Anonymous said...

Well,isn't that the way you felt when you brought your kids home from the hospital?
We had a full bred Pit Bull, named Piglet. She was all white w/ pink eyes. She loved all us kids and most people she met....Cats, however, she she ate as a snack!

Thank you for saving a pup from a shelter, "Until theres none, save one"

Dawn in Austin said...

LOL I had to laugh at your friends Murphy and Beechie44. They both said the things I was going to say.

P.S. I have dogs, so I like hearing your dog stories. Not bored at all!