Susan got the opportunity to see a Broadway play over the weekend, it was very bright and musical and Susan was all set to take a nap but the seats were too small.

Halfway through the first act a new character took the stage, he was very average in every way except for
his package which was unrestrained beneath woolen leggings. Susan's eyes did that cartoon thing where they pop out of their sockets and get really big like balloons then get sucked back in.

For the rest of the time the actor was onstage, which was most of the play, Susan could see nothing else but the dangly thang. The jiggly wiggly.

A chain reaction of thoughts started knocking each other over in Susan's head like; Was this on purpose? How could it not be? Did Gilbert & Sullivan endorse this unexpected twist? And, why wasn't anybody in charge of monitoring underpants?


Dawn in Austin said...

oooh, thanks for the giggle this morning! First, at the thought of you with big googly balloon eyes. Then the thought of a guy in tights with his wobbly bits wobbling about. I'll have that in my head all day.

Anonymous said...

visions of dangly bits will be dancing in my head all day! Thanks for the laugh :)

my eyes would have bugged out too! And I would have spent the whole time whispering to my husband, pointing it out everytime he was on stage! I may be 12 years old at heart.

linlah said...

Jiggly, wiggly, dangly thang was probably on purpose, meant to keep those who could sleep in seats too small awake.

Deidre said...


Totally on purpose. Gilbert and Sullivan were pretty cheeky!