Susan has been having trouble with her words lately.
Like, for the last thirteen and 11/12ths years.
She remembers the day she couldn't summon ceiling fan and found herself pointing upward demanding that someone turn on that thing that twirls around!

Sometimes she comes up with words which are similar in definition and other times it's words that sound similar. Sometimes all they share is the same first letter.
Susan finds it easier to start from scratch and describe the thing she is trying to remember rather than search her brain for the word. This doesn't happen just every once in a while, it happens every day. Every day a few words temporarily evaporate and leave Susan with an empty space where they used to be.

She's good with extrapolate and pontificate and obfuscate. She can play Bananagrams standing on her head.
She can read until the cows come home but she can't think of the word tomato.


Dawn in Austin said...

OMG, I thought it was just me! I swear the words must leak out of my head in the night or something! Gah!

Rural Rambler said...

Susan should not spend one second worrying over this. She is not alone with this phenomenom. This became a problem for me in 2001 when menopause came to visit and didn't leave. I have invented new words and thankfully Country Husband has been around me so long that he gets it and actually finds the whole thing to be pretty dang funny.

Dawn's Dad said...

I used to think the dreaded old-timer's disease was upon me but then when I hear it happens to you, my own daughter and others way younger than me, I think maybe I have some time left. Thanks for sharing!

linlah said...

Pointing is highly underrated as a means of communication.

Anonymous said...

I have this frequently. I have an enormous vocabulary and can't remember the name of that thingy you need to flip burgers with!

DawnA said...

I made a grocery list to prepare stirfry and could not remember "bean sprouts". So, I wrote crunchy things on the grocery list. Yikes!