For the better part of the last decade Susan and her little sister, their cousins and aunt have maintained a Superbowl ritual; they ignore it completely and go shopping at Macy's in Herald Square.
Macy*s is amazingly gigantic, totally immense.
Susan and her aunt used to work for unrelated agencies in the same building located down the block and became very well acquainted with which floor held what and where the sale racks were. That was a magical time for Susan who was fond of running over to pick up a pound of dark chocolate almond bark whenever she felt like it.
Whenever she felt like it!
Anyway. Last year Susan had to beg off because she was unemployed and didn't have the necessary money for train fare. That was sad because Susan didn't even have to shop to enjoy herself, she just looked forward to spending the day with her cousins. This year will be just as sad,
but it's not the lack of cash that's ruining her plans.
Her son's fourteenth birthday falls on that Sunday and there's no way she can use her hatred of all things football to get out of the house.
Susan hates the Super Boring Bowl like crazy. Last year she tried to read the newspapers through it but still managed to catch her family laughing like a bunch of a**holes at the grotesquely un-funny commercials.
For a few minutes she thought that the entire country had conspired to mess around with her because how could anybody think this sh*t is funny?
However, there was a little bright spot during halftime when she saw Bruce Springsteen teabag a cameraman.


Karen said...

Boo, timing will ruin your tradition! But it sounds like this year at least cake will be involved, making not the worst day ever...

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I always hate that the Super Boring Bowl hijacks an entire week. But it can mean having snacks and drinks with my little sister, which is good.

Maybe the cousins can come over for cake?

Anonymous said...

I, too, suffer from a serious invasion of football crap. And those commercials are terrible! The only good thing is that most of them are never seen again.

Bruce should do that more often, it was very entertaining!

Hope you can escape the tv that day. And I am very sorry your tradition is interupted so much. I'll keep my fingers crossed for next year.

linlah said...

I hope the cake does not have to be in the shape of a footbal.