Susan's mother did not like what Susan wrote in her previous post and pointed out a pair of inaccuracies. Susan told her mother I took it easy on you knowing that there was so much more she could share about the meals of her childhood but will have to wait until her parents are dead.
Inaccuracy #1: Susan's mother never used a crockpot, it was a pressure cooker.
Inaccuracy #2: Cream of Mushroom soup was only used in the Tuna Casserole which Susan was able to keep from spitting out but her little sister was not.
Some nights they have entire conversations in the hot tub just about Tuna Casserole.
Susan is sorry that her mother was unhappy and hopes that this has helped a little bit.


Dawn in Austin said...

I make no recipe (ever) if it calls for cream of anything soup. I too, grew up on Tuna Casserole and I've been scarred for life. Ugh.

linlah said...

I can no longer write about my mom because evidently she doesn't think she's funny.

yeah, name/url

Anonymous said...

I live in dread of my mother going on the internet

Anonymous said...

Ha.........My Mother is on Face Book and she doesn't think she is funny either!

A pressure cooker can be kind of fun, but also dangerous!
Makes a ton of noise and sounds like it is going to blow up all the time.

I don't mind Tuna Noodle Casserole, but when my Husband sees it, he orders for Pizza.

Hi Susan's Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

I almost had to go to therapy over Tuna Casserole. Potato chips are a snack food people; NOT A TOPPING.

Deidre said...

I've never been a big fan of anything ending in casserole. But my parents are hippies and didn't believe in that kind of thing - or something.

Look, I didn't know what a crock pot/pressure cooker was until like 5 years ago.