What does Susan have against her crock pot?
(Thanks for asking, beechie).
To provide the answer Susan has to travel way back to the '70s and describe the sort of food her mother made her eat. Stew-like things with soft carrots, soft potatoes and stringy meat all held together by cream of mushroom soup. Susan used to excuse herself from the kitchen table to go spit her dinner into the toilet. There were plenty of corn, peas and diced vegetables slopped out of cans, the peas even smelled like pee. Every dinner was followed up by a dessert of fruit cocktail and three kids fighting over the lone cherry in each can.

Susan's pal Cyndi (yes, she really spells her name that way) always had her crockpot humming on the kitchen counter. Susan liked the idea of being removed from dinner preparation but couldn't stomach the idea of soft meat. And, she certainly couldn't have her children complaining about their dinners forty years later.

This notwithstanding, Susan bought a crockpot in a fit of doomed enthusiasm and immediately started looking for recipes that didn't involve red meat. Chicken thighs were promoted as being more flavorful, so she used them and learned that she doesn't like her chicken squishy and fatty. Cousin Lisa provided a recipe for pork chops crockpotted in V8 with onions and potatoes. That was nice of her is Susan's only comment. Chicken crockpotted in salsa and peanut butter ended up in the garbage, bypassing the table completely.
Susan might consider crockpotting some rice pudding.
Dare she?


patti said...

Before you give it away, try beans. They come out lovely in the crock pot. My favorite recipes are vegetarian chili and lentils with tomatoes. 40 clove chicken is the only successful meat recipe i've done in the crock pot, but I make some kind of beans in it every week. Cheap, easy, and good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Patti, beans and chili lend themselves well to a crockpot.

My mom bought me a Le Crueset dutch oven (seconds at TJ MAXX, of course!) and I fell in love with how the meat comes out. I think Susan would enjoy cooking with this pan.

Diane said...

I grew up in a house of stew much the same way Susan did. I don't use a crockpot either. Or canned vegetables.

Anonymous said...

I make beans and chili in mine, too. I buy bags of dry beans, which are super cheap. I buy a piece of fat back or salt pork or use cut up strips of bacon as a good meat flavoe in a pot of beans.

I also make "pulled" pork in the crock. I buy a piece of pork shoulder and season it well and add some barbeque sauce to the pot. Once it is done cooking, I take out the pork and let it cool a little and then use two forks to strip the meat apart. Once it is all shredded, we make sandwiches with it and add bbq sauce from the pot.

I haven't ever had another meat turn out well in the crock pot.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Chilli is my favorite in the Crock Pot. Chicken breasts cooked till they shredd, white beans, canned diced tomatoes, spices and water! Lovely!
Also Corned Beef & Cabbage and even an Egg Breakfast Casserole come out great!

Best part though is arriving home and having the house smell like somebody else has been cooking for me all day!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I just purchased my very first Crocky at the age of 48 and I think it's because both my mother and my husband's mother didn't have a Crock-Pot bone in their bodies but were partial to 3 gallon bottles of Hearty Burgundy and fifths of gin so we are making some cozy meals come hell or high water.