Susan can't f*cking stand the sight of the husband right now. The whole f*cking day he's been irritating her in an undefined but very real way and she'll blowtorch the f*cking house if she hears his voice.

She first notice that he wasn't looking at her this morning when she spoke to him. What the f*ck's wrong with you? He didn't answer her inquiry but that was alright because she wasn't interested in his answer anyway.

They got into a little silent angry thing when he said that he was going to pick up the daughter at Brittney's house. The husband is always saying Brittney when he means Marina, which is where the daughter spent last night. Susan assumed that he was headed to the wrong house and told him so only to find that the daughter really was at Brittney's house. How the f*ck is Susan supposed to know anything if no one tells her and you can't tell the difference between Brittney and Marina anyway, assh*le.

A little later, after Susan mis-heard a portion of an anecdote the husband half mumbled to her he adopted a bristly demeanor.

The gloves came off during a conversation about what time they wanted to leave in the morning,
Susan suggested 10:30,
and the husband smirked.

Susan's response to the husband sounded similar to the way Kate Gosselin used to speak to her former spouse only with a lot of cursing followed by total silence.
All night.


Anonymous said...

Now: was his smirk a KNOWING sort of superior smirk or a goofy, nervous sort of smirk? This might matter.
Or not.

Twisted Susan said...

It was a smirk suggesting that Susan can't get out of the house by 10:30 am.

Dawn in Austin said...

I know where to hide the body.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Smirks always make me think of living alone in my own apartment and how fun that was.

patti said...

I think you need a week on a tropical island. With lots of beverages containing pineapple juice and coconut. No wait, maybe that was me.
hope your feeling better!