Susan was reading Deidre's blog and totally stole her idea, um, was inspired to write about her own first crush. Susan was already thinking about using her first crush as fodder for a BLAHg post anyway but since she told her fourth grade flashback story last week she didn't want to tell two fourth grade stories so close together.
But, she's going to.

Sidebar: Susan's pretty sure that fourth grade was when she figured out that teachers generally call on the kids who don't make eye contact. So, whenever Susan didn't know an answer she looked right at the teacher and was spared.

One day a new girl was introduced to the class. Lynn.
Lynn sat next to Susan.
Susan shared her textbook with Lynn.
Lynn invited Susan to come to her house after school. Alright!
Susan would escape the monotony of her family for an entire afternoon.

Susan can remember the details of Lynn's house to this day; center hall colonial, front door opening to a black and white tiled floor, sunny kitchen in back, a spinning wheel in the livingroom, a big golden dog and a scary third floor.
Everyone in the family was very nice to Susan and even asked her to say grace at dinner. Say what?
Susan sat with her head down until someone bailed her out by reciting a simple prayer.

Susan and Lynn became quick friends and stayed that way for a while. Little by little other classmates elbowed their way in, Susan didn't mind until it became obvious that Lynn preferred another's company.

Susan was miserable and tried to regain her position by hounding her former best friend into submission. When that didn't work she'd cry, think about what fun secrets Lynn was sharing with her new best friend and cry some more. All her weekends were spent wallowing in her personal pit of agonizing sorrow until she eventually decided to knock it off.
Later when Susan embarked on a career of being rejected by boys on whom she had crushes she recognized the feeling; it was Lynn all over again.


linlah said...

Isn't it funny how the details of the house stayed with you?

Grace said...

I went to Lynn's house, too! I even slept over. She had the coolest house! P.S. I'm not even going to pretend not to be hurt that I wasn't your best friend!

Twisted Susan said...

You know, I thought about you when I wrote 'best friend'.
I'll make it up to you with a complimentary puff piece, how's that?

Grace said...

That may work.

Deidre said...

Yay! I loved reading about your first crush :)

Anonymous said...

Sue, did it occur to you that Grace may have been one of those girls who elbowed her way into Lynn's friendship? I’m just saying… little sister.