Susan has nothing to blahg about. Nothing.
There's not a thought in her head.
Nothing interesting has happened. She's bored.
Her blogging has been erratic. She still can't taste or smell and now her throat hurts. What a cruddy St. Paddy's day.
Susan is overpowered by funk.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY Big Sista! Feel better so you can taste your Guinness.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Funk sucks.

Anonymous said...

We all get the blahs once in a while. I am so sorry you are sick! I am sending you virtual chicken soup and hugs and hoping you feel better soon. Curl up in bed and watch a movie, one of the ones that you really like, especially if no one else cares for it!

Rural Rambler said...

You are not alone in your blahg funk. Get well wishes from Missouree.

Twisted Susan said...

Thank you, darlings!
Susan does feel the teeniest little bit better.

linlah said...

According to George Clinton funk isn't a bad thing. Hope you're feeling better.