A week later and Susan is still sick, she even went home early on Friday to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Susan loves naps as long as her brain doesn't use them as an opportunity to remind her of all the bad things that could happen in the world, or specifically to her. But, if she's living a healthy life and her anxiety is in check she loves naps. There's no day that can't be improved by a nap sez the husband and he's right.

Susan's kids are sick too, they came back from the doctor with antibiotics for bronchitis and stayed home from school for two days. The doctor also prescribed an inhaler for her son even though he wasn't having any trouble breathing, but because the doctor mentioned it the kid wanted it. Then the husband climbed on the inhaler bandwagon, which is unusual because he doesn't normally get involved in stupid arguments. Susan observes a zero tolerance for stupid arguments, unless she's arguing that position, and quickly shut them down. No inhaler.

Susan made another batch of her white bread chili and since she still can't taste or smell she doubled everything hot & spicy. Pow! It blowtorched her tongue and cleared up her stuffy nose by the second bite. Other than the sensation of heat and a faint acknowledgment of cumin, she couldn't taste it.

Susan has a recipe she'd like to share for home made Italian Cough Syrup which is favored by the daughter.
No pencils necessary, it's easy to remember:

1 tblsp LEMON JUICE (as an antiseptic)
1 tblsp OLIVE OIL (coats the throat)
Mix together, shake, sip by teaspoonfuls as needed.
If you're phlegmmy then add SALT as an expectorant.

God bless!


linlah said...

I'd put my foot down on the inhaler, literally

Anonymous said...

Inhalers are expensive and usually unnecessary. Good for you for making a stand!

I will use that recipe when my daughter complains of a cough next time. Thanks for sharing!

I really want you to feel better soon. You are more entertaining when you are just bitchy and not sickly.

Rural Rambler said...

Better today I hope :) And yeah I know it is a Monday. Hard to feel good on Monday.

Dawn in Austin said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. The cough syrup sounds great. Wish I had had that recipe when I had little ones.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I've always wanted to be a napper but I always feel comatose after.