Susan found out that she'll be unable to make the acquaintance of Bossy during her road trip through Susan's home state two weeks from now. Que drag.
Susan was apprehensive about being immersed in bloggy peers to begin with because she's still in fifth grade and everyone's better than she is. But, she was going to ask two old pals Margarita and On The Rocks With A Rim to accompany her just in case. Oh well, she'll have to see them another time.

So, what has everyone else been up to?
Susan's been sick which she knows is boring to read about because Sevedra told her. Alright!
Not another word about how she still can't f*cking SMELL or TASTE anything after an eternity! Oy, you've heard your last complaint from her on that topic.

Susan has been aware of American Idol noises coming from the living room. American Idol has never been watched in her house until recently. She thinks the daughter has been turning it on just to bug her mother because how could anyone possibly enjoy watching such an insipid show? Even an eleven year old? Susan, still perplexed by where Seacrest came from, googled him and found he originated from one of those Amazing Sea Monkeys kits in the back of a magazine.

Over the past two weeks Susan has received her music CDs from Dawn, and Meg and Cutie Judy! Susan has not yet listened to all of them because she's been a little funky, and not in the George Clinton way. She wants to have an open accepting brain to receive the musical gifts that were made for her. She doesn't want to run the risk of thinking I hate this shit, she wants to hear each song the way her lovely bloggy CD makers hear them. In the meantime she has made 2/3 of the reciprocal CDs but has not yet mailed anything.
What a loser.

She's getting ready to be a productive person again.

Susan's also been contemplating her impending birthday, not the age, just the commemoration. How does a person celebrate a milestone, alright fifty, on a budget without looking cheap?
Thus far she's come up with NO KIDS, especially hers.
The rest is under development.


Anonymous said...

I love you and will always read whatever you post about, even if it is phlegm. And hey! I quit posting about my fish for you! ;)

I am super sorry you won't meet Boosy. She is coming near me and I am making a plan to attend her little gathering. I am extra nervous about it myself. Since I am socially backwards and inept myself. I wish I was as socially integrated as a fifth grader! At least I am smarter than a fifth grader. Maybe that'll help.

I will be 40 in April myself and have no clue how to celebrate a milestone birthday. Maybe with drinking enough to put a frat party to shame and then blacking out so you never have to remember it?

Dawn in Austin said...

Sorry you're still under the weather.

I'm with you on the no kids for the celebration of the day you were born (doesn't matter how many years ago).

My husband will be 50 on his birthday in July. No kids there, either.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I think Susan is on the mend because of her razor sharp analogy comparing Ryan Seacrest to a sea monkey.

Welcome to the fifty club! As Dawn said, no kids is a good place to start, then the day belongs to Susan.

I suggest a nice drive with your CD's when you are feeling up to snuff. Feel better!