Susan likes to see her children getting bigger. She never wanted to keep them little like some mothers she knows. She never engaged in any boo hoo this is my last baby behavior because it's silly. She liked watching them figure stuff out. Giving up the breastfeeding was a little sad, but she wouldn't want to still be breastfeeding them. Plus, the breasts were sort of taken out of circulation for other things during that time period if you know what she means.
And you do.

She likes that they have lives away from her, relationships and experiences that belong only to them. She wants to see what they'll do because she trusts them. To a point. She knows that  when she's not screaming at two lazy kids to do their homework, feed the dog and pick their sh*t up from the livingroom floor, she's forming adults.
Susan accepts that they're not as cute as they used to be. They used to twirl and sing and jump and talk, and get lice and pee in their beds and trade away their brand new birthday toys to the kid on the bus and spill nail polish on their feet eight hours a day. Adorable.

Now they're sarcastic, dramatic and loud when they're not being totally silent. They're within sight of bringing home boyfriends or girlfriends and smelling like pot.
Susan's waiting in the dark lacing up the gloves.


linlah said...

You're a good mom, I didn't use gloves.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Can't this be in a place where every human can read it? Ok, good.

Dawn in Austin said...

Been there, done that. All of it. It's great. I wouldn't change a minute of it.

I'd wish you good luck, but you don't need it, you're a good mom.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan's going to have some smart independent teenagers, even if they do come home buzzed one night.

diane said...

Mine are grown. As babies sweet, as teens, sometimes challenging, as adults, amazing. it's quite the ride, sometimes bumpy, but oh so worth it. You will love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Susan, you ride roughshod over the fragrant meadows of nostalgia....You mean life wasn't all "G'night, John Boy" and Jan and Marcia playing pattycake while Keith Partridge crooned a catchy upbeat tune? And, more recently,I swear I remember a bouncing baby girl who was instantly potty trained, never whined, and always put away her toys. Let's check again in a few years to see if I remember a sweet-tempered pre-teen girl who went happily through puberty, never whined, and always put away her innumerable jeans and t-shirts.