Susan was rewarded for being up very late the other night with a movie from her teenage past, Burnt Offerings.
She propped herself up in bed to watch Karen Black in all her '70s glory transform from wholesome mom on vacation to crazy lady in the attic. A creeptastic hearse driver was on hand to keep Oliver Reed from enjoying a good night's sleep and Bette Davis was collecting a paycheck for being cheeky and adorable until it was her time to die.

Susan made it through a good portion of the movie but
3 am is her cut off for being awake. Anything after 3 am and she risks having an anxiety inspired episode.
Susan formerly suffered from panic attacks, totally debilitating panic attacks which she controlled through sheer force of will. Really.
Since that time she carries around a certain amount of residual anxiety which she sidesteps by employing proven strategies, like not staying up all night long.

The last time Susan was on a plane she felt herself declining into a state of overheated claustrophobia. She adjusted the nozzle above her head and directed a stream of cool air directly onto her face. Immediately she relaxed. The claustrophobia, which does not generally reverse course before pushing the host to the brink of hysteria, disappeared. Banished by cool air.

Well, tonight was the night that Susan was unable to join Bossy and her bloggy posse in NYC. She assumes that they were all able to enjoy themselves without the company of Twisted Susan and she'll catch them next time.


linlah said...

Oh if cool air could solve everything. I'm employing a friend so that I can meet Bossey. I'm scared even with that comfort.

Dawn in Austin said...

A good night's sleep is the answer to most everything. I go to bed at 9 every night, unless I'm on a date with my husband, but even he knows I'm not much fun after nine.

Bossy is coming here next week. I'm going, but nervous, too. I don't do well meeting strangers without a wing man, but I'm going to give it a shot.

Twisted Susan said...

Girls, girls, everybody's ascared to meet new people but you must be brave and GO!
Think of the balls that Bossy must have in order to drive around and visit strangers.

smalltownmom said...

All I have to say is GO MEET BOSSY if you have the chance. You won't regret it.

Burnt Offering freaked me out when I was younger.