Susan was sitting around on Sunday morning lamenting the lack of anything to blahg about when, on his way to the toilet, her husband asked her if she'd seen the recent Architectural Digest.

I threw it out.

Susan loves magazines because they bring together her two favorite activities; looking at pictures and sitting. However, Architectural Digest is big, shiny and soul-less,
if it were lying face down in a muddy puddle in the street Susan would jump on it and keep going.

Architectural Digest made its way into Susan's life completely uninvited one year ago when the rotten publishing company that killed off her beloved Domino magazine substituted it for the balance of the subscription period. Oh, Domino!
Susan still has her last issue from March of 2009 wrapped in the original plastic propped up on a table surrounded by candles, crystals and incense.

Domino was all cheery sunshine filled with colors and ideas that Susan could incorporate into her own home if she felt like it, and sometimes she did. Domino was pure potential wrapped up in sedentary joy.

Never once did Susan rip a page out of that inspirationaly-bereft other magazine for future reference.

All this thinking about that other magazine drove Susan to her breaking point she and called up the rotten publishing company's 800 number to tell them that she couldn't stand their magazine and to please refrain from sending her any more. They were very polite and asked her if she'd like to replace it with another publication or would she prefer a refund? Susan said that she did like their Lucky magazine even though she was twenty years beyond their target demographic. They said that they would be happy to make the substitution and even tacked on another six months for all Susan's pain and suffering.


Dawn in Austin said...

I love being the squeaky wheel! Good for you, hopefully this magazine will have something in it that is worth tearing out a page.

patti said...

I don't read magazines anymore. Rephrase: I don't buy magazines anymore. I only read other people's magazines.

linlah said...

I feel the same way about Real Simple as you do about Architectural Digest.

Cupcake Murphy said...

What if you go blind from looking at all the different belts in Lucky?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Would it be wrong to decimate the the Rachael Ray section of the news stand? No one would arrest me, I'm sure.

Am I doing okay? said...

I used my Coke Rewards to reup Wired. I wish they (Coke Rewards) had more choices. Even more I wish they (Publishing Company) would resurrect Domino.

Anonymous said...

I miss you. Whatcha up to?