Susan's hand shot out and grabbed a jar of marshmallow fluff as she walked down the marshmallow fluff aisle in the supermarket last week. It wasn't her regular supermarket which made her sort of disoriented and led to the suspension of her regular rules about such things. Marshmallow fluff is outrageously sweet until you're in the mood for it then it's sugary bliss. And when paired with peanut butter a certain TWISTED person could sit alone at the dinner table every night with a jar of each and a spoon and get in trouble.
Susan's in trouble.
She's been eating sweet things
which means she's been craving sweet things
which means she's been eating sweet things.
Vicious cycle thy name is sugar; beautiful white gritty sugar spun into Fruit Loops and miniature Almond Joys
and red pepper jelly.

Susan hasn't grown out of her pants yet but she's been cutting off the circulation near her belly button.
Tonight she ate a grapefruit.
Tomorrow she'll start writing everything down and calculating points. But she's not going to meetings.
No f*cking way.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go to meeting either. They suck. I would feel judged at a meeting.

I know what it is like to have the sugar calling to you. That stuff should have a warning on it "Addictive: Use Sparingly".

I have been having some luck with substituting pears and bananas and apples for other sweets.

linlah said...

Sugar doesn't call me but salt does and beer too.

Diane said...

marshmallow fluff... evil and heavenly all at the same time. it's not allowed in my house anymore. i don't go down the fluff aisle in the supermarket anymore.
i don't even need the peanut butter. just a spoon and the fluff.