Susan had a very short interaction with a sheriff of the county in which she resides. She wasn't getting in trouble or anything, she just had to accept a legal document on behalf of someone else. As part of the interaction the sheriff had to write down a description of Susan including her date of birth, weight and hair color. Susan breezed through the 6-9-60 and 165 lbs but then hit a bumpy patch.

Sheriff: What color is your hair?

Susan: Um, it's supposed to be red.


Susan: I know I'm past due for my L'Oreal.


Susan: It was orange when I was a kid.

Sheriff: Let's just say brown.


Deidre said...

I hate trick questions!

The one I get the most is "where are you from" I know it seems basic. But if I say "New Hampshire" I get a "um, where's that?" if I say "The US" they go "duh, I know, but WHERE in the US" and then when I say "New Hampshire" they say "Oh, I don't know where that is..."


Dawn in Austin said...

I hate the trick questions, too! When someone asks where are you from, what exactly do they mean? I'm from my house, but just dropped in to the store for some milk. There are a LOT of wheres from the time I was a baby until now. Which from do you want to know about? And really? Do you care all that much?

Right now, my hair is the same brown-but-supposed-to-be-red that your is. Hello Miss Clairol, it's been a while.

linlah said...

I would not have gotten passed the first question.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I keep getting tripped up on the height thing, because I haven't accepted the fact I've shrunk. Still 5'8 in my mind's eye.

G-Man said...

Red is perfect!

Jingle said...

red means happiness to me,
Happy Wednesday!
loved your smiles!