Susan's back to being a redhead again;
RR07 Intense Copper Red.
She cut her hair to within an inch of its life too.
It's so short now people say Oh, you got your hair cut instead of Oh, I love your hair cut.

Tonight Susan and her daughter made dinner together. Susan did most of the grunt work like shopping for tomatoes, scallions, parsley & basil then doing most of the chopping but the recipe and enthusiasm came from the daughter. It's got all the food groups as she learned when she made it with her Family Consumer Science class
(that's Home Ec, old timers) and only requires boiling the water for macaroni. Dare Susan bore you with the recipe?
She thinks she will.

1 lb pasta
2 cups fresh tomatoes
8 tblsp fresh scallions, just use fresh everything
4 tblsp parsley leaves
4 tblsp basil leaves
1/8 cup olive oil
4 tblsp Parmesan cheese

Chop tomatoes, scallions, parsley & basil, put them & the olive oil in a bowl. Set aside.
Boil pasta, drain (reserve 1/4 of pasta water) and toss into the tomato mixture. Add Parmesan, toss again and serve.
Feeds 4.

After dinner Susan was making fun of her son for misplacing his cell phone. He got even by reminding her of the time she put the rental car keys in a Slim Jim container and then had a melt down in the Florida heat when she couldn't find them. Florida is not a good place for Susan. Her first exposure to that sunny hell was when she was 15 and had a f*cking stroke because a palmetto bug the size of her fist was running rampant in the motel room.
Her second exposure was two summers ago when she took her kids to Disney and lost the keys.
The final time will be to bring back her parents' bodies.
Maybe she'll make her little sister go instead.


linlah said...

Proving once again older sisters are bossy.

Mrs. G. said...

mmmm to the recipe and mocking the son...both feed the soul.

The Subtle Rudder said...

Welcome back, red.

Oh, and linlah, I am an older sister, and bossy though I may be, there's no bossier boot than my little sister, a woman who thinks in powerpoint and "you go, girl" affirmations, while barking orders to everyone in earshot.

Twisted Susan said...

My little sister is definitely the boss of everybody.

Anonymous said...

recipe looks delicious!

making fun of our kids is one of our last rights as parents, do it MORE

FL sucks. I try to avoid it as well. it's just like hell, only worse because hell at least doesn't have tourists.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I always though Florida was a place to keep your in-laws in captivity.